Still early, but many smart folks feel good about Brown's chances.

RCP: Pessimism, optimism, wait, no, pessimism!

8:22pm With 4% in, it is down to a 52%-47% lead for Brown - Sean Trende

8:21pm -- Interesting. In Concord, Brown is running well ahead of Romney. 61%-38% for Brown versus 48/45 Romney - Sean Trende

8:19pm Results are tricking in. With 36 precincts -- almost 2% ! -- Brown is still at 55%-45%. Ashland is in, giving Brown a 54%-45% lead. Romney won it 59%-36%. Unless Brown is putting together a different coalition than Romney's, he's in trouble. - Sean Trende

Obama towns are flipping Brown:

In 2008, Ashland, Massachusetts went for Obama over McCain, 5,039 votes to 3,181.

Tonight Brown won Ashland 54 percent to 45 percent - 3,467 for Brown while Coakley carried 2,897.

Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report:

Seekonk, MA: Brown needed 57%, got 62%; Dartmouth, MA: Brown needed 49%, got 53%; Cook Report does NOT officially call races, but if I were working for a network I would have enough #s to project: Brown Wins; Haverhill, MA: Brown needed 55%, got 60%.

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