Scott Brown appeared on the "Today Show" this morning, where a slightly sad Meredith Vieira asked him about how he was able to pull off his historic win.

Brown emphasized that he's a "different kind of Republican," and that a Scott Brown Republican is someone who's "always been accountable and attentive and looked at each issue on its merits."

On why voters turned against Democrats he said, "People are hurting right now, and they think we can do better...People are angry; they're tired of the back-room deals. They want transparency, they want good government."

The only time the interview got a little testier is when Vieira asked if it was awkward to talk to Vicki Kennedy given that Brown, "plan to do everything in your power to derail what Kennedy considered his legacy of his lifetime."

Brown's quick and delicate retort gave me a confidence about his political future:

"Well, first of all, you're misrepresenting. I never said I was gonna do everything I can to stop health care. I think that everybody should have health care. It's just a matter of how we do it."

Die-hard health-care reform supporters will roll their eyes and call it a distinction without a difference, but there is an important difference, and it's one that Massachuseets voters heard. A less smart politician would have accepted Vieira's heavy-handed premise instead of correcting it. Good job.

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