In Newton, Massachusetts, 67 percent of folks voted yesterday for Democrat Martha Coakley (32 percent voted for Republican Scott Brown, and 1 percent chose Libertarian Joe Kennedy). In short, the town is a liberal outpost, just miles outside of Boston.

In other news related to Newton, though, a Board of Alderman resolution has been riling up concerned citizens. The resolution would welcome Abdul Aziz Naji, originally from Algeria but most recently living in Guantanamo, to town.

Here is how some Newtonians have responded:

"'What is going to set this guy off if he is released into any Western society, where the public and the society treasure freedom of speech?' said Jeff Seideman, who unsuccessfully ran for alderman last year. 'This is a community where we value our diversity of thought as well as religion and race and things like that, and we have people here who have a great diversity of ideas. This is nuts beyond anything I’ve seen in a long time.'" -- Boston Globe

"'It’s outrageous to even bring this question before the board … all of us in Newton are ashamed now,' said Mikhail Gershteyn after the meeting. 'Every official who brought it should be recalled.'" -- Wicked Local Newton

The people of Newton have weighed in twice in the past week. While they voted for Coakley, they were outraged that a Gitmo terrorist might end up in Newton.

Well, the Board of Alderman listened. In a unanimous vote, the local representatives decided not to go further with the resolution. Let this be a lesson: Even Massachusetts liberals don't want terrorists in their own backyards.

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