Let's just say there might be political and psychological benefits to backing Obama on this one. Read along with me:

The backlash was fast and furious on the left over the news Monday night that President Obama will freeze spending for parts of the federal budget for the next three years.

“This may be the stupidest thing ever,” wrote Jed Lewison, a contributing editor at DailyKos, on his Twitter feed.

“It worked for Hoover,” Micah Sifry, co-founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, wrote mockingly on his Twitter feed.

Not only were there comparisons to President Herbert Hoover, there were also comparisons to John McCain, who proposed a similar idea during the presidential campaign. Obama opposed the idea at the time.

Is a bit of schadenfreude good for the soul? Like most vices, I think moderation is the key.

Here's a tad more of it, here.

And, Rich Lowry says the Left is right to be angry:

If the economy is still weak but we can freeze discretionary spending anyway, it's much harder for him to argue that massive government spending is the predicate for economic growth in defense of the stimulus. And if the deficit is such a threat that he needs to swing around to supporting a spending freeze, it's much harder for him to continue to push for a new $1 trillion entitlement. He can try to square all this — stimulus spending was necessary in the dire conditions of 2009, but less so now; the new $1 trillion health-care entitlement is actually a deficit-reduction measure — but it's going to be very difficult. That's why I think the Krugmans and the Kleins are right to be dismayed by this, even if the actual dollar amount is small. It represents an important tilting of the political playing field to the right on these issues.

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