The State of the Union address Obama delivered last night gave new meaning to the term "laundry list." It was an endless parade of campaign promises and presidential initiatives. It had no theme. The text literally could have been clipped together from the hundreds of speeches, press conferences, and town halls the president has delivered since beginning his run for the presidency three years ago.

People tuned in to see if the president would "pivot" to the center after Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts. The answer is no. He doubled-down on the stimulus--indeed, he wants another, much smaller, version. He called on the Senate to pass a climate bill that has absolutely no chance in 2010. He provided no clear strategy for Congress to pass a health care bill. His feints to the center on spending and "tax cuts" were transparently gimmicky. He used his favorite crutch: blame Bush and the Republicans for every obstacle his presidency encounters. He attacked and distorted a Supreme Court decision in front of the justices. By the time he got to foreign policy, you were no doubt looking at your watch. I know I was. By the time he finished, the feeling in the House chamber must have been exhaustion.

What a disappointing presidential address. What a bad omen for the Democrats in November.

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