Someday, when your children are grown and the election of 2010 has long past, people will ask where you were when the demon sheep first came to American politics.

You will remember when you first saw this ad, and I am happy to be just a tiny part of that story by delivering unto you Carly Fiorina's attack ad about Tom Campbell, whom the ad tags a Fiscal Conservative in Name Only — a wolf in sheep's clothing, if you will.

A wolf whose eyes glow red with the outdated technology of the original Terminator's and who wears Rockports as he crawls menacingly through the pastures of California. Can we afford to ignore that kind of threat?

This thing's going viral, but not necessarily in a way that will help Carly Fiorina's message. It just oozes that special brand of ludicrous hilarity that the Internet loves, and the Internet will give the demon sheep many, many lives. And, you will now be able to say, "I knew the demon sheep when."

If I thought the creation of the demon sheep was an intentional Internet hit, I'd be impressed, but I'm not sure it was. Nor am I sure that the true inanity required to produce viral hits will ever be the kind of thing that serves political campaigns well, but here's to the Fiorina campaign for creating something we'll all remember.

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