While everyone seems to be all atwitter (quite literally) about Sarah Palin's hinting that she will run in 2012 "if I believe that that is the right thing to do for our country," it is worth noting the only actual name she mentioned in her Fox News Sunday interview last Sunday—Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. As she told Chris Wallace,

But listen, no, we have some strong, some young turks in this party. Paul Ryan, I'm very impressed with Paul Ryan.... He's good. Man, he is sharp, he is smart, articulate and he is passionate about these common-sense solutions that America has got to adopt to get us on the right road. I can name a whole lot of people.

Not that she does. But as Ryan (who recently turned 40) told our own Matt Continetti in this week's issue, he has no intention of running. At least not at the time this item was posted.

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