Sure it's a little-known holiday, but it is as intensely celebrated in Matt Labash's office as National Quilting Day or Wear Too Much Axe Body Spray Day. And, by Matt Labash's office, I mean the inexorably Phoenix-scented, desk-shaped pile of scrap printer paper and Gary Hart memorabilia under which he burrows to write for The Weekly Standard, not the whole Weekly Standard office. Because we all know Bill Kristol wears the exact right amount of Axe Body Spray, and we dare anyone to say otherwise.

But today is a more legitimate holiday than the one Matt scribbles onto our office calendars once a week (You owe me a Gary Larson 2010 desk calendar, Labash). Because today is the day that Matt's book, "Fly Fishing With Darth Vader" is officially on the market! (Perhaps a perfect consolation for anyone saddened by the fact that Carrie Prejean is off the market? Synergy.)

The book is actually called, "Fly Fishing With Darth Vader: And Other Adventures With Evangelical Wrestlers, Political Hitmen, and Jewish Cowboys," but hey, Matt's never been one for brevity. He'd likely say that my shortening of his title is just another symptom of the coarsening of American writing in the Internet age among my generation, and therefore an argument for his famous Luddism, but hey, this is my blog post hawking his book, not his.

In the spirit of the day, our very own Matt Labash has written a special edition of Ask Matt Labash for... The Daily Caller. At any rate, it's a quick overview of Labash's p.r. blitz—a journey into the glitzy world of 3-question Politico profiles & Esquire interviews into which he rarely ever ventures. "I feel like Frodo on a trip to South Beach!" he exclaimed, in an e-mail that I made up just now.

As always, I recommend reading Matt. Luddism aside, he's as fun online as he is in real, paper print (or, whatever it is they call it these days).

But he is perhaps most fun in book form, where nothing is ever shortened to 140 characters. That's the way he likes it, especially when we let him write wearing his "Monkey Business" t-shirt.

Buy his book!

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