Gitmo detainee Binyam Mohamed, an al Qaeda terrorist whose story was documented by Thomas Joscelyn here, was released by the Obama administration to Great Britain earlier in 2009. Mohamed has long-alleged that he was tortured in U.S. custody at Gitmo, and the British press claims that "secret torture evidence" is finally revealed in a classified document that British judges just ordered open to the public (full document here). Andy McCarthy observes that there's just not anything in the document that suggests Mohamed was tortured at Gitmo:

No water-boarding, no beating, no slapping around. Mohammed was not even stuck in a box with a caterpillar. Just sleep-deprivation (carefully monitored to avoid doing real damage), shackling (not in a stress position), and playing on his fear that he would be taken out of the custody of the U.S. (you know, the torturers) and handed over to some less solicitous country.

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