When Michelle Obama was asked about Sarah Palin repeatedly by Larry King during an interview last night, she didn't get rude and off message by making fun of the former vice presidential candidate.

Instead, she mostly side-stepped and praised "strong female voices," while saying that she tries "not to make, or set, opinions about people that I haven't had any, you know, substantive interaction with."

When King asked her if Palin's criticisms of her husband ticked her off, she said, "Democracy is about critique and the president is not immune to criticism."

She stayed on message, she didn't veer off into petty attacks, and in doing so, she served the administration well. She's acting almost like—oh, I don't know— a press secretary should.

As Gibbs might joke, maybe she had "stay classy" written on her hand. Whatever it was, Gibbs should take some lessons from the first lady on technique, because no one's laughing at his anymore. Michelle Obama has had a habit in the past of hitting awkward notes more often than her husband, but this is spot on.

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