A couple of interesting nuggets on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in that Quinnipiac poll noted earlier: Although 57% of registered voters say they favor repealing the law banning gays openly serving in the military, voters are evenly split when asked, "Do you think heterosexual military personnel should be required to share quarters with gay personnel or not?"

The results: 45% of voters say heterosexuals and homosexuals should be required to live together in military facilities, 46% say they should not. So voters say they favor a DADT repeal, but when pollsters dig a little deeper and describe what a repeal would actually mean--housing would not be segregated based on sexual orientation if DADT were repealed--the country is divided.

Perhaps more important is the poll's finding that "military households" are evenly split on the question of repealing DADT: 48% oppose repeal, 47% favor repeal. Presumably households include the responses of members of the military as well as their spouses. It would be interesting to poll just active members of the military.

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