The DNC is churning out what seems to be a press release per minute alleging that Republicans are hypocrites for taking stimulus funds for their districts after voting against the stimulus. As Greg Mankiw writes, this is an illogical attack: does that mean Democrats should give back their Bush tax cuts?

Rep. Aaron Schock made the same point after Rachel Maddow accused him of hypocrisy on Meet the Press:

MR. GREGORY: But to Rachel's point, does that mean that you will not accept any federal money that comes the way of your district?

REP. SCHOCK: No. I think that argument that liberals are making is absolutely ridiculous. With all due respect, Rachel, does that mean you're going to give back your Bush tax cuts that you continue to rail against? The fact of the matter is our country operates and govern by a majority. And I, along with almost all of my Republican colleagues and a good number of Democrats, have voted against the stimulus, the omnibus, all of this runaway spending. But we've lost those battles in the House. ... At the end of the day, my constituents and their children and grandchildren will be on the hook for the debt that's being created by this majority, and they deserve to have their fair share of federal spending.

Charlie Crist has echoed the DNC-Maddow line in attacking Marco Rubio for saying he would have accepted stimulus money, but as Rubio says, "It's one thing to say you'll accept the funds from the federal government. It's another to actively advocate those policies, which I think are disastrous for America."

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