The Dubai police have exposed the “identities” of the people who did it—pointing the finger not only at the Mossad, but also at Palestinian “collaborators” (who may be traitorous members of Hamas, or Hamas-despising members of Fatah, depending on which fork of the tongue you care to believe, if you care to believe either at all). The Arab world is aghast in public, though we may presume that at any rate the King of Jordan and the dictator of Egypt, who apparently have their own reasons, are singing a different tune entirely in private. One Hamas “legislator” is suggesting the victim brought it on himself by sloppiness. The Brits and the Irish have called in Israeli ambassadors to “inquire” about the use of purloined British/Irish identities, the EU is atwitter about it, the Germans are investigating a possibly stolen German identity, and David Miliband, after expressing his “outrage,” has met with Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman to discuss it. (And by the bye, the awesomely illustrious French foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, takes the opportunity to observe that this whole affair "shows the need for peace and a Palestinian state, immediately!”) The Israelis are neither confirming nor denying having carried out the operation during which a notorious self-proclaimed Hamas murderer of unarmed Israeli soldiers was assassinated in his hotel room bed.

Two questions. 1): Was he sleeping the happy sleep of the just terrorist after completing yet another deal with the butchers of Iran to import Iranian-made weapons into Gaza when he was dispatched to the arms of his 72 virgins? And 2): Will the safe haven Damascus continues to provide terrorists such as Mabhouh, who would erase Israel from the Middle-Eastern map—to say nothing of the foreign fighters trained by al Qaeda and/or armed by Iran who are still entering Iraq across the Syrian border to kill American soldiers—be a subject of discussion for America’s newly appointed ambassador to Syria once he’s presented his credentials?

Just wondering.

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