Ol' Joe was off message again, talking to his home paper in Delaware just before today's health-care summit, which Obama has diligiently pitched as a truly productive, bipartisan gathering, despite all evidence to the contrary:

Biden told the News Journal that the six-hour meeting “could be pure theater.”

"This could end up not being good," Biden said in the interview. "But I know of no other way than to just keep pushing, saying, 'Guys, OK, this is our idea. What's your idea?'" Biden said that Democrats are ready to work with Republicans today if there are good ideas on the table.

“Literally, if they come up with an idea that bends that (cost) curve, we’ll compromise,” Biden said of Republicans.

Congressional Democrats agree with Biden, not Obama:

Congressional Democrats are already looking beyond the White House health-care summit, reckoning that Thursday's session will amount to little more than political theater and focusing instead on a final round of intraparty negotiations that are likely to determine the fate of President Obama's top domestic priority.

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