Earlier this weekend, a Democratic source said Joe Kennedy III was considering running for Rep. William Delahunt's seat if he decided against a reelection run, but he says no:

Joseph P. Kennedy III told The Associated Press on Sunday that "I've got a job I love being an assistant district attorney on the Cape, and I want to get better at it at this point."

More from the Boston Herald:

“My family in particular knows the decision to run for office is a very personal one,” he said. “They’ve been very supportive as I’ve been trying to think about it. It was my decision alone.”

Jules Crittenden notes Kennedy's wise not to overestimate his dynastic power this year:

Almost sounds like he wants to remain gainfully employed, find his way around the block first, and not lose. Smart kid...So, a Kennedy bailing on yet another dynastic run with a Globe “D’oh!” That’s a twofer.

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