The Times of London reports that police in Dubai are in a tizzy, six weeks after the killing of Hamas's Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a hotel in downtown Dubai. A major security breach, an extrajudicial murder--it's being called all sorts of unsavory things. And police say they're certain that Mabhouh was killed by the Israeli Mossad, but don't provide hard evidence. Who exactly killed Mabhouh (aside from how they killed him, which the videos do a pretty good job showing) might not ever be known.

Dubai police are quick to blame everyone but themselves for security lapses. It's supposed to be one of the safest places in the Middle East (outside Israel), a city where business can get done. But Dubai now seems to be looking more like a rich man's Ramallah than a Western business center. Why was Hamas's man able to come into Dubai in order to purchase arms from the Iranians? And why were the Iranians, the top state sponsor of terrorism, able to enter Dubai in order to do business? What sort of secure city should allow such actors to enter and to conduct business? It seems Dubai police wouldn't have to worry about targeted killings if they turned their attention to keeping terrorists out of their country.

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