It was nice that Canada was able to scratch out an overtime (or do they call it "stoppage time"?) win in hockey yesterday. Word is that they care an awful lot about hockey up there, and since the Vancouver Olympics had all those problems, it's nice for the home team to end on a high note. With any luck, though, the Canadians will retire their Own the Podium schtick, though. They did not own the podium. Sonny Bunch has done the math and even if you weight the medal count to give more heft to gold, the Canadians come in a distant second. Failed sports-boasts are embarrassing in their own right, but imagine the international outcry if America had mounted a public bragging campaign about "owning the podium" during the Bush years. The United Nations would still be passing resolutions condemning us.

Either way, with the Vancouver games just a warm memory, now is the perfect time to revisit Matt Labash's excellent journey to Canada, "The Great White Waste of Time."

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