The Senate Finance Committee's website is optimized for Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4. (H/t Ellen Miller)

The Secret Service's computers work only 60 percent of the time and many programs run on a 1980s-style mainframe.

When State Department employees complained that they couldn't download Firefox, they were told it was because of the "expense"...of the free program.

And, from the hearing on government oversight of car problems, which was meant to catch a problem like the one with Toyota's brake system:

Rockefeller said that federal investigators seemed to be reluctant to investigate whether vehicle electronics were to blame for problems with cars speeding out of control because it is harder to detect electronic problems.

NHTSA “would rather focus on floor mats than microchips because they understand floor mats,” Rockefeller said.

But don't worry about medical innovation. It'll be just fine.

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