Rarely does a headline describe a story so inaccurately. The Huffington Post headline reads: "Sarah Palin Reality Show?" Another on the same website blares, "Real World: Wasilla?" Not exactly. The report from Entertainment Weekly reveals that Palin and television producer Mark Burnett, creator of the mega-hit Survivor, are pitching a "'Planet Earth'-type look at Palin's home state." Conservatives4Palin, which is plugged into Palin world, has more:

If the project comes to fruition, it will not be an Alaskan version of the Osbournes. The show will be more "PBS/Ken Burns" instead of "MTV/The Osbournes". This sounds like it's another opportunity for Governor Palin to promote Alaska -- which is, of course, one of the promises she made when she stepped down from the governorship.

The bottom line is that people will tune in to see Palin, not the images of glaciers. It's an interesting move that comes on the heels of the announcement that Palin will write a second book for HarperCollins. That sound you hear is the governor cashing in. Which is her due, of course. Even so, she risks overexposure. As usual.

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