As reported here earlier, President Obama nominated Congressman Jim Matheson's brother Scott to the Appeals Court yesterday. No one has questioned Scott Matheson's qualifications to be on the bench, but Congressman Matheson is one of the Democrats who voted against the health care bill earlier that President Obama is trying to flip. Is it possible that this appointment was used to persuade Congressman Matheson to change his vote?

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, for one, said on MSNBC's Morning Joe today that while qualification is the "most important" factor in the nomination he's "sure" there were other factors behind the appointment:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Are you saying there is no other reason but qualification for this?

TIM KAINE: Qualification is the most important and I'm sure there are other factors. Life is life.

Watch the video:

The segment begins 50 seconds into this video (Kaine's quote comes toward the end).

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