In his second health-care rally of the week, at a high school gymnasium on the outskirts of St. Louis, President Obama drew 500 people, not all of them supporters. Far from providing evidence of a great and sudden wellspring of public support for the president's proposed health-care overhaul, this venue and turnout more easily recall the end of the movie This Is Spinal Tap, in which a band that once headlined in arenas is booked at an Air Force Base Officers' Club. One wonders whether nearby Scott Air Force Base was unavailable, or whether the president's advance team rightly surmised that the brave men and women in uniform wouldn't be quite the right crowd for his message.
In any event, this also recalls the surprisingly sparse turnout that the president drew in Boston just two days before the last major vote on Obamacare. The upshot is that America doesn't want Obamacare any more now than it did then, which is evident to everyone outside of the White House and Speaker Pelosi's office.
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