Obamacare supporters thought they may have caught a break when Rep. Dale Kildee of Michigan indicated he would vote for the Senate bill and thinks it adequately bans abortion funding. "Kildee Breaks From Stupak Over Senate Abortion Language," is how Roll Call put it. Kildee was on GOP whip Eric Cantor's list of pro-life Democrats who wouldn't vote for the Senate bill because of abortion, but Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life of America, tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that Kildee "wasn’t on the list of the Stupak 12" in the first place. Day is still hopeful there's a chance that Kildee will stick with Stupak in the end.

According to Bart Stupak, thre are 12 Democrats who will switch their votes from "yes" to "no" because of the Senate bill's abortion-funding provisions. Stupak has kept his cards close to his chest and won't identify who is or isn't in this group.

For the record, Kildee is mistaken about abortion in the Senate bill: if he would only read the bill, he would see there are a number of provisions to fund abortion coverage and to directly fund abortions. Even Ben Nelson acknowledged that one loophole in the Senate bill would have to be fixed in conference committee to prevent taxpayer-funding of abortion.

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