From a USA Today editorial: "The fact is that many of those whom Liz Cheney is quick to brand as terrorists have been released from Guantanamo — including about 530 by the Bush administration, which admitted many posed no long-term threat."

The Bush administration never admitted that "many posed no long-term threat." Almost all of their transfers and releases of detainees contained some risk; the same is true of the Obama administration's transfers and releases. Obama's head of the Gitmo detainee task force has admitted as much on the record in an interview with BBC News.

Remember: the climbing recidivism rate is currently at 20%, with 3 or 4 new recidivists discovered every month. The Obama administration is now even more aware than the previous administration was of the threat posed by releasing or transfering detainees.

So USA Today got it wrong, but thankfully it also had the decency to give Andy McCarthy a chance to share the opposing view: read the whole thing.

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