There weren’t any before Mr. Biden’s visit to Israel and Mrs. Clinton's rolling-pin harangue, and there aren’t going to be any when George Mitchell shows up this week to start his “proximity talks,” because the talking Palestinians—that is, as opposed to the doing Palestinians, either of the build-the-state-first-and-then-petition-for-one variety, or of the bomb-kidnap-maim-terrorize-murder-innocent-children-to-wrest-one-from-the-Jews variety—don’t want to talk, proximally or otherwise. And why should they, when the international community continues to press for maximum concrete concessions from the Israelis in exchange for words more worthless than the air upon which they float away as soon as they’re uttered, and Israel’s last line of defense against false claims and promises—the United States—has made itself indistinguishable from the United Nations and Amnesty International and all the other NGOs and religious denominations that have declared virtual war against the Jewish State?

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