From Republican Leader John Boehner's blog:

the Slaughter Solution seems to be the play of the day for Democrats leaders who will do anything to get a government takeover of health care. And of all people, this all should come as a disappointment to President Obama, who made greater transparency and accountability a cornerstone of his new presidency. Despite that pledge, he once again took to the podium yesterday to call on Democrats to vote yes. His message was simple:

“We need courage… That’s what we need. That’s why I came here today. We need courage. We need courage.” (President Obama, Strongsville, OH, 3/15/10)

But rather than demonstrating any “courage” whatsoever, senior Democrats are preparing their “controversial procedure” to pass the infamous Senate health care bill (political payoffs and all) without the usual up or down vote that Americans would expect – and frankly demand – with such a sweeping proposal.

The boss noted earlier: "Obama asks for courage from others when his success is on the line."

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