A friend of TWS writes:

For those Democrats for whom the right to life is more than just a political calculation:

They should be urged to ask themselves how they want to think of themselves at the end of their careers (whether that's in a few months or decades from now), and, ultimately how they want to look back upon and be judged for their life and service (whether by themselves or their Maker). For those who believe that abortion is wrong and that the government should not be funding it, they must be asked to think about how that should inform their actions. In other words, do they want that belief to be a matter of principle that informs their votes (irrespective of what the Speaker offers or threatens)? Or do they want to admit that the fate of the unborn is just another chit that they are willing to cash in? Ben Nelson traded a career of saying he cared about the unborn for $100 Million. And that is what his career will likely be remembered for.

For pro-life democrats, history, their conscience and their Maker will be watching and judging them to see how they confront the same issue.

Well said.

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