From Greg Sargent:

Another big get for Dems: Rep Brad Ellsworth, a former Yes vote who shared the concerns of the Stupak dozen and was intensely wooed by both sides, will vote Yes on the Senate bill, his spokesman confirms to me.

“He’s a Yes,” Jonathan Kott, communications director for Ellsworth, just said by phone. “He will vote in favor of health care reform.”

A press release detailing his rationale is forthcoming from his office.

This is a blow to the Stupak coalition. Will he bring others along?

Ellsworth just sealed the Democratic Senate nomination as well as his defeat in the general election.

Update: Stupak's office sent out an email saying he will hold a press conference with "other pro-life" members at 11:00a.m. to discuss the health care bill. Maybe all the pro-life Democrats cut a deal?

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