Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday, and I find the Haggadah an endlessly interesting text.

You can go to Jewish Ideas Daily and other learned sources to ponder weighty issues relating to the holiday and the Haggadah. But I did want to call your attention to an amusing blog post by Arnold Kling, "If a Libertarian Gave a Sermon for Passover," at the blog he shares at The Library of Eonomics and Liberty website.

His recommended remarks for the seder table begin:

As we approach Passover in 2010, many people are unemployed. But in a free society, government does not create jobs.

Pharoah created jobs for us. Moses led us away from those jobs. Even though those jobs helped to complete public infrastructure. Even though they were green jobs, where we used our muscles and our backs instead of fossil fuels.

And it continues. Read the whole (short) thing. And read it aloud (if you dare!) at your seder.

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