Greg Sargent has Eric Cantor's response to news that an insane Obama donor threatened in a YouTube video to shoot Cantor and his family:

Eric Cantor has spoken out for the first time about the threat on his life, and he says the incident shows that such threats come from all sides of the political spectrum.

Cantor made the comments to a Virginia TV reporter after a local event.

“No one condones the threats, or the violence, or any kind of racial slurs, or introduction of any of that into political discourse,” Cantor said, when asked about the news that the FBI has arrested an apparently deranged man for threatening to kill him and his family in a YouTube video.

“Unfortunately, some who resort to violent threats and others, they come up on any side of the political spectrum,” Cantor continued.

What a refreshing contrast to the the attempts by Steny Hoyer, Jim Clyburn, and other Democrats to blame Republican leaders for the threats they had received.

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