Where's the civility, I ask you? Was it not just this weekend that former President Bill Clinton warned that words have power, and that in voicing dissent, we should be careful not to get out of hand? And yet, here we have a group of protesters registering their discontent with the government within close physical proximity of the actual president of the United States. With the current political climate and all the threats we've heard so much about, can these citizens really think that this kind of conduct is appropriate?

The president's 29-minute speech was interrupted several times by gay protesters impatient with the lack of progress in repealing the military's "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" policy regarding gays.

Here's video of Obama getting annoyed with these hecklers. I'm sure we'll see wall-to-wall media coverage about the coarsening of debate in this country and the need for criticism of public servants to be done with the utmost respect and gentility.

In other news, a donor to Democratic candidates was arrested for threatening a Republican representative Ginny Brown-Waite with death. I wonder whose rhetoric inspired him.

Erik Lawrence Pidrman was charged today with leaving a message at Brown-Waite's Florida office last month saying, "Just wanna let you know I have 27 people that are going to make sure that this b**** does not live to see her next term."

And, to round out the three stories you'll be hearing almost nothing about today, we have Barack Obama playing golf on the day of the Polish president's funeral. Now, Obama can't be faulted for not attending, as the volcano stood in his way, but he could be faulted for the unfortunate contrast of other heads of state traversing mountains and streams via planes, trains, and automobiles to be there while he was on the fairway in a golf cart.

The Warsaw Business Journal took notice with this story, "Obama goes golfing instead of attending Kaczynski's funeral," but because he's not George W. Bush, Obama's love for the links (which is a far more intense love affair than Bush's) will not be used in the American press as an enduring symbol for his callousness.

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