The reach of American right-wing anger is wider than expected, infecting even liberals in Britain.

Conservative Party leader David Cameron laughed off being hit by an egg thrown by a student while campaigning for the general election on Wednesday.

The Conservative leader said the egg incident was the "first of the campaign" after he was ambushed following a question-and-answer session with students at a college in Cornwall.

TV pictures showed a young man in a grey sweatshirt hurling an egg from inside the building as Cameron walked out, although they did not show the moment of impact.

The egg glanced off Cameron's shoulder and splattered on the jacket of a police officer beside him, although the yolk did stain Cameron's white shirt.

He was a 16-year-old student. Cameron laughed off the incident instead of using it to smear all of Clegg's and Brown's supporters.

Cameron, who has been followed on his campaign for the May 6 elections by a newspaper reporter dressed as a chicken, joked: "Now I know which came first -- the chicken not the egg."

Clinton and other Democrats could take a lesson from Cameron on the fact that "words have consequences," and we can use them to avoid "demonizing" opponents.

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