Here's a list of vulnerable Democrats, running for Senate elections now, who said the health care bill would lower costs. It doesn't. (Jim Geraghty has a handy list of House Dems.)


Senator Michael Bennet Said The Senate Bill Would “Truly Lower Costs And Improve Value For Your Dollar.” “‘Coloradans should have the peace of mind that this bill will make a meaningful difference in their lives,’ Bennet said. ‘Skyrocketing health care costs are hurting our economy and patients should be receiving better care. These new provisions in the bill will truly lower costs and improve value for your dollar.’” (Senator Michael Bennet, “Bennet Secures Key Changes in Health Care Bill to Lower Costs, Improve Value for Your Dollar,” Press Release, 12/19/09)

The Bill Would Lower “Skyrocketing Health Care Costs” And Reduce The Deficit. “[T]his bill is about the Coloradans and all Americans who just want a decent shot at the American dream. It’s about lowering skyrocketing health care costs and reducing the deficit by nearly $1.3 trillion over the next 20 years. It’s about ensuring the strength of Medicare for years to come and bringing much-needed, improved and affordable care to working families. After decades of trying, we finally passed a bill that saves money, saves lives and gives families a fighting chance against relentless insurance company abuses.” (Senator Michael Bennet, “Bennet Statement on Senate Passage of Landmark Health Care Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)


In February, Boxer Signed A Letter Supporting The Use Of Using Reconciliation To Pass Health Care Legislation. (Senator Barbra Boxer Website, “Boxer Signs Letter Calling for Public Option in Reconciliation,” 2/18/10,, Accessed 3/4/10)

The Letter Said The Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill Would “Lower Costs To Consumers.” (Senator Barbra Boxer Website, “Boxer Signs Letter Calling for Public Option in Reconciliation,” 2/18/10,, Accessed 3/4/10)

Boxer Said The Senate-Passed Health Care Bill Makes Health Care “More Affordable For Small Businesses And Families.” (Sen. Barbara Boxer, “Boxer Statement On Senate Passage Of Health Care Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)

In December, Boxer Praised Senate Democrats’ Health Care Compromise For Its “Lower Costs.” (Barbara Boxer 2010, “Health Care Breakthrough,” 12/20/09)


Congressman Brad Ellsworth Said The House Bill Would “Reduce Health Care Costs” And “Ensure All Americans Have Access To Affordable Health Insurance Options.” “The House approved a historic measure to reform our nation’s health care system. The Affordable Health Care for America Act will reduce health care costs, and ensure all Americans have access to affordable health insurance options. Rep. Brad Ellsworth supported the bill and issued the following statement: ‘This was a difficult decision; one that I have struggled with for months. But at the most basic level, my support for this bill is based on my strong belief that we literally cannot afford to leave this challenge unaddressed. To do so would be to endorse a status quo that denies medical coverage based on pre-existing conditions, leaves millions of uninsured Americans at risk, and does nothing while the cost of health care spirals out of control.” (Congressman Brad Ellsworth, “Ellsworth Statement On Affordable Health Care For America Act,” Press Release, 11/7/09)

Ellsworth: “The Bill Includes Several Critical Provisions That Will Reduce Health Care Costs Throughout The System.” (Congressman Brad Ellsworth, “Ellsworth Statement On Affordable Health Care For America Act,” Press Release, 11/7/09)


Senator Russ Feingold: “Washington Needs To Find The Courage To Take On The Special Interests And Act, Because If It Doesn’t, Insurance Premiums Will Continue To Skyrocket and Americans will continue to be denied or dropped from coverage because of pre-existing conditions or because they change jobs. Wisconsin taxpayers and small businesses simply can’t afford the excessive premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs that are fueling insurance company profits instead of contributing to high-quality care for Wisconsinites.” (Senator Russ Feingold, “Feingold, Kohl Ask Wellpoint Insurance For Answers About Hikes In Health Insurance Premiums,” Press Release, 3/3/10)

Feingold: “While Americans Should Be Able To Retain Their Current Coverage If They Choose, Providing A Strong Public Option Will Keep Health Care Costs Down For All Americans, Even Those Who Retain Their Private Care.” (Senator Russ Feingold, Official Senate Website, Accessed 3/5/10)


Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher Said The Senate Health Care Bill Would Lower Premiums And Provide Access To Affordable Health Care. “It has been an arduous process with many compromises along the way, but by lowering premiums for American families, providing access to affordable health care for more than 30 million uninsured, and finally doing away with the discriminatory practices of insurance companies who have denied coverage to millions with preexisting conditions, this legislation lays a foundation to fundamentally reform and improve our health care system.” (Lee Fisher For Ohio, “Fisher Statement On Senate Passage Of Health Insurance Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)

Fisher; “Critically, The Bill Will Lower The Deficit And Bring Down Costs, While Helping Small Businesses Who Struggle To Afford Health Care Costs For Their Employees.” (Lee Fisher For Ohio, “Fisher Statement On Senate Passage Of Health Insurance Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)


“‘Expanding The Insurance Base To Include All Americans Is A Key Way To Reduce The Average Cost Of Health Insurance,’ Said Democratic State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.” (Rick Pearson, “Candidates Split On Health Care,” Chicago Tribune, 1/18/10)

Giannoulias Supports A Government Run, Public Health Insurance Program Because He Claims It Will Lower Costs. “Alexi supports the creation of a public health insurance option. Such a plan would give consumers more choice, create more competition and lower costs. . . . Alexi’s stance on how we pay for such needed reforms is clear: health care reform should be paid for by reducing costs and not by taxing the middle class or health care benefits.” (Alexi Giannoulias Website,, Accessed 1/26/10)


“Senator Gillibrand Joined Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO), Jeff Merkley (D-OR) And Sherrod Brown (D-OH) To Write To Senate Majority Leader Reid Highlighting Findings From The Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) That Said A Public Option Could Yield Cost Savings Of At Least $25 Billion.” (Senator Kirsten Gillibrand,” Press Release, 2/16/09)

Gillibrand: “I Believe That A Public Option Is The Best Way To Reduce Costs.” (Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, “Gillibrand Statement On Passage Of Health Care Reform: ‘A Historic Christmas’,” Press Release, 12/24/09)

Gillibrand’s Spokesperson Said Premium Tax Credits Would Help Small Businesses With The Cost. “Gillibrand’s spokeswoman, Bethany Lesser, highlighted the general benefits of the bill for New Yorkers. ‘It would provide health insurance to 2.7 million residents who do not currently have it and provide approximately 734,000 residents who have non-group insurance with affordable coverage,’ Lesser stated. ‘It would also provide 1.6 million New York residents and 249,000 small businesses with premium tax credits to help them purchase health coverage.’” (Brian Tumulty, “Senate, House Bills Differ For N.Y.,” The [Westchester County, NY] Journal News, 12/23/09)


Hodes Claimed The House Plan Would “Lower Costs, Increase Access To Care And Put Families In Control Of Health Insurance.” (Paul Hodes, Op-Ed, “I Voted For Families, Not Insurance CEOs,” The Concord [NH] Monitor, 11/24/09)

Hodes: “The Plan I Support Won’t Let Insurance Companies Get Away With Our Broken Health Insurance System Anymore. This Plan Will Lower Costs, It Will Increase Access And It Won’t Let Insurance Companies Executives Decide Whether You And Your Family Get The Coverage You Need.”(Paul Hodes, Op-Ed, “I Voted For Families, Not Insurance CEOs,” The Concord [NH] Monitor, 11/24/09)

Hodes Claimed Passing Comprehensive Health Care Reform Would Free Small Businesses From Skyrocketing Premiums. “Today, as President Obama and Congressional leaders discuss taking health insurance reform over the finish line, Paul Hodes released a new report that shows the painful consequences for New Hampshire families if comprehensive health insurance reform fails to pass. . . . ‘Passing comprehensive reform would help to free the Granite State’s small businesses from the job-killing handcuffs of skyrocketing premiums, expand choice in the marketplace, improve care, and put families back in control of their health insurance.’” (Representative Paul Hodes, “Hodes Reveals: New Hampshire Has Much At Stake In Health Care Debate,” Press Release, 2/25/10)


Senator Blanche Lincoln Said She Was “Proud” To Play A “Pivotal Role” In Crafting The Health Care Legislation, Which She Called “Good For Arkansans, And Good For Our Nation.” “U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) today made the following statement upon final passage of the Senate’s revised health insurance reform bill: ‘It has taken months of dedicated work to get us where we are today – one large step toward finally extending health insurance coverage to 400,000 Arkansans and 31 million Americans by rewriting the rules on health insurance so that every American has the opportunity to access quality and affordable care. I am proud to have played a pivotal role in crafting legislation that is good for Arkansans, and good for our nation.’” (Senator Blanche Lincoln, “Lincoln: Final Senate Health Reform Bill Good For Arkansas,” Press Release, 12/24/09)

Lincoln Said She Voted For The Bill Because It “Will Lower Health Care Costs” And “Reduce The Deficit.” “After months of intense work and a full and transparent debate on the Senate floor, I will vote for the revised Senate health care plan because it will lower heath care costs, expand access to more than 400,000 uninsured Arkansans, and reduce the deficit by $132 billion in the next 10 years—all without a new government plan that places taxpayers at risk. . . . [I] am proud to support the Senate’s final proposal.” (Senator Blanche Lincoln, “Lincoln: Time To Act On Health Insurance Reform,” 12/20/09)


Senator Patty Murray: “The Bill We Passed Today Meets The Goals Of Increasing Competition, Lowering Costs And Providing Individuals And Businesses With More Choice In Their Health Care Coverage.” (Senator Patty Murray, “Senator Murray's Statement on Senate Passage of Health Insurance Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)

Murray Said The Senate Bill Would “Make A Difference” For Those Who Have Faced Rising Premiums. “Throughout this debate I have told the stories ofWashington state residents who have shared their health care needs with me. For years, premiums have been rising faster than wages, businesses have struggled to compete under the weight of skyrocketing costs and millions with no coverage at all have spent nights praying to stay healthy. This bill will make a difference for all of them.” (Senator Patty Murray, “Senator Murray's Statement on Senate Passage of Health Insurance Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Claimed The Health Care Reform Bill Would Save Nevadans Money And Make Premiums More Affordable. “‘The importance of this bill for Nevada can’t be overstated. This bill saves lives, saves money and saves Medicare for Nevadans,’ Reid said. ‘More than 500,000 Nevadans will have affordable coverage options, and as many as 24,000 small businesses are going to be able to make premiums more affordable for their employees. No longer will insurance companies be able to discriminate because of preexisting conditions or gender, and they won’t be able to drop you when you get sick. And that’s just the beginning. I applaud my Senate colleagues for supporting a bill that will mean so much for struggling families in Nevada and across the nation.’” (Senator Harry Reid, Press Release,, Posted 12/24/09)

Reid Argued That If Health Care Didn’t Pass, Premiums Would Skyrocket And Businesses Would Struggle With The Costs Of Providing Health Care.“‘This is a good bill that will save lives, save money and save Medicare for Nevadans,’ Reid said. ‘If we were to do what some suggest - kill this bill and do nothing – Nevadans would continue to see their premiums skyrocket. I refuse to sit back and do nothing while that happens. Nevada has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the nation, and businesses are struggling with the costs of providing health care to their employees. Our state needs this bill more than almost any other state, and will benefit tremendously from its passage.’” (Senator Harry Reid, Press Release,, Posted 12/21/09)


Congressman Joe Sestak Hailed The House-Passed Health Care Bill For Making Health Insurance “More Affordable.” “Today, I proudly voted to pass the Affordable Health Care for America Act (AHCAA). This legislation will ensure access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans -- while making health insurance more affordable for individuals and small businesses that currently have it -- by establishing a fair, competitive marketplace for health insurance.” (Sestak For Senate, “Joe Sestak Statement on Passage of Health Insurance Reform,” Press Release, 11/7/09)

Sestak Said Congress’ The Failure To Pass Health Care Reform Is “Costing … Middle Class Families And Small Businesses.” “There is much more to be done in Washington as well. The Senate’s failure with the recent Jobs Bill, and the obstructionism of those who ‘just say no’ to health care reform is costing honest, hard-working middle class families and small businesses dearly each day.” (Rep. Joe Sestak, “Congressman Sestak Hosts Second Working Families Summit,” Press Release, 2/27/10)


In February, Senator Arlen Specter Signed A Letter Supporting The Use Of Using Reconciliation To Pass Health Care Legislation. “Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) announced via Twitter today that he has signed onto Sen. Michael Bennet’s (D-CO) letter urging leadership to use reconciliation to pass a public option.” (Rachel Slajda, “Specter Signs The Public Option Letter,” Talking Points Memo, 2/19/10)

The Letter Said The Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill Would “Lower Costs To Consumers.” Senator Michael Benet, “Letter To Senate Majority Leader Reid,” 2/16/10,, Accessed 3/4/10)

Specter: “While I Am Concerned About A Requirement To Obtain Health Insurance, I Understand That Without It, Health Providers Are Forced To Write Off Expensive, Uncompensated Care That We All Pay In The Form Of Higher Premiums.” (Senator Arlen Specter, “Arlen Specter Speaks On Health Care Reform,” Press Release, 5/18/09)

Specter Said Insurance Companies Were Raising Premiums While The Senate Was Not Passing The Health Care Bill. “Sen. Arlen Specter says he will support a parliamentary maneuver to push revised health-care legislation through the Senate, a step that he said last year would be a ‘colossal mistake.’ . . . ‘It’s important - millions without coverage, insurance companies raising premiums, the ban on coverage of preexisting conditions.’ He said the requirement of a supermajority to limit debate should not be ‘concrete to stop us from governing.’” (Thomas Fitzgerald, “Specter: 51 Votes Enough To Pass Health Care,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/25/10)

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