As with many SNL skits, it's a bit on-the-nose and runs too long, but I applaud the spirit and smiled a couple times. An able-bodied host on 100-percent disability introduces a surly DMV worker who takes pride in going full days without helping anyone, an elevator inspector working two government jobs and pulling disability for a fear of cats, and a school custodian whose union contract stipulates he doesn't have to "clean" schools.

"In these times of anti-tax hysteria and threats of government of budget cuts, it's important to remember that people with government jobs are just like workers everwhere, except for the lifetime job security, guaranteed annual raises, early retirement on generous pensions, and full medical coverage with no deductibles, office visit fees, or copayments."

Doesn't SNL know what "demonizing" public servants can lead to? Don't they know words matter?

In totally unrelated news, one in three San Francisco city workers made more than $100K last year.

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