Interesting. It's about two weeks from primary day, and evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson has retracted an endorsement of establishment candidate Trey Grayson in favor of endorsing Rand Paul.

In his statement, Dobson explicitly blames GOP leaders for giving him bad information on Paul:

"Senior members of the GOP told me Dr. Paul is pro-choice and that he opposes many conservative perspectives, so I endorsed his opponent,” Dobson said. “But now I've received further information from OB/GYNs in Kentucky whom I trust, and from interviewing the candidate himself.”

Frankly, it doesn't speak all that highly of Dobson's endorsements if he's not doing better due diligence on them than this indicates, but a pulled endorsement two weeks out likely makes people think more ill of Grayson than of Dobson's "embarrassing mistake," as he called it.

Dobson goes on:

“I now know that he is avidly pro life. He believes that life begins at conception.

“He opposes earmarking and supports Israel. He identifies with the Tea Party movement and believes in home schooling. Sounds like my kind of man.

“If I lived in Kentucky, I would vote for Dr. Rand Paul. Would you consider sending him to the U.S. Senate to shake things up in Washington?"

Kentucky Right to Life has disputed Rand Paul's claims to be "100-percent pro-life" in the past because he omitted an answer on their survey, but he gave a pro-life answer to every other question. Regional group Right to Life of Northern Kentucky endorsed Paul.

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