The Hawaii special election to replace Rep. Neil Abercrombie is an odd, winner-take-all, three-way election that will be decided via mail-in ballots due by May 22. The Republican underdog Charles Djou is polling up eight points in Obama's home state partly because there are two Democrats splitting the ticket.

Ed Case is a former Congressman whom national Democrats favor but state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa is the perferred choice of the local labor unions. Civil war!

Barack Obama has not formally endorsed anyone, so he cut a radio spot telling Hawaiians to vote of the vote-splitting Democrats on the ballot. That oughtta fix the problem.

The call, though, is also a mark of how handcuffed Democrats are in a race that features two Democratic candidates and one Republican... [T]he robocall merely encourages a "crucial" vote for "a Democrat" for help with "our agenda for change."

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming about the ineptitude of the national GOP in dealing with party infighting.

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