This Sunday, Attorney General Eric Holder will make his Sunday show debut on ABC's "This Week" and NBC's "Meet the Press." Beyond the obvious issues relating to the war on terror and the attempted attack in Times Square, here are five questions from a knowledgeable reader that are worth posing to the attorney general:

1. Has he recused himself from Guantanamo cases and if so which ones? On those cases who is the person with ultimate responsibility?

2. His #3 man Thomas Perrelli has recused himself from over forty cases involving Gitmo detainees and top officials in the civil division are also recused. Who then is supervising and responsible for the ongoing litigation including dozens of habeas corpus cases?

3. TWS's cover story last week documented over five months of stonewalling by Holder's office and the offices of the deputy and associate attorney general in delaying release of documents relating to conflicts of interest by attorneys who previously represented detainees. Why won't he promptly release the information so we can be assured the attorneys are adhering to the highest ethical standards?

4. How can we be assured that attorneys who litigated on behalf of Guantanamo detainees will provide the American people with the most vigorous representation in the cases the government is still prosecuting?

5. The Department's advice on release of the detainee abuse photos was overridden by the president. Was that advice, in retrospect, too sympathetic to the ACLU? Should we be concerned that the attorneys in the Department of Justice shade their advice or are unduly sympathetic to the positions which they used to litigate?

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