Of course, if he were a Republican, I would write that West Virginia congressman Alan Mollohan was "purged" instead of "defeated." Per the Wall Street Journal: "With 82% of precincts reporting, Democratic state Sen. Mike Oliverio was already leading by 12 points, 56%-44%."

Oliviero opposed Mollohan's vote for Obamacare, and the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza writes that this was a key factor in the race: "it's important to remember two factors unique to this race: Mollohan had been damaged by ethics allegations over the last few years and Oliverio actually ran to the incumbent's ideological right -- castigating him for his vote in favor of President Obama's health care bill."

If a vote for Obamacare can help sink a "Blue Dog" in the Democratic primary, what does this portend for the general election?

Mollohan was one of the self-proclaimed pro-life Democrats in the "Stupak coalition" who voted for the abortion-funding Obamacare despite his stated principles. That cost Mollohan the support the National Right to Life Committee and the state pro-life group. The Susan B. Anthony List spent $78,000 on TV, radio ads, and robo-calls hitting Mollohan on Obamacare.

SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement tonight that Mollohan's defeat proves "votes do have consequences" and the group is coming after other Stupak Dems like Brad Ellsworth, Kathy Dahlkemper, and Steve Dreihaus next: “This should be just another sign to ‘pro-life’ Democrats that voted for the healthcare bill that they will face the same consequences as Stupak and Mollohan.”

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