The international community may be determined to ignore videos clearly showing flotilla "peace activists" beating the mess out of IDF soldiers before they even hit the deck of the boat, but the rest of the world is tuning on on YouTube.

And, what they're watching on YouTube is the IDF's case. The very clear video images of soldiers being brutally beaten, distributed outside traditional media through new media, are just what's necessary to contest the media's frequent willful misrepresentation of the "humanitarians" who came to blows with the IDF:

In the online public relations arena, it appears that the Israel Defense Forces is winning the battle, at least for now. Three of the four most viewed clips on the popular video website YouTube in recent days were posted by the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

The IDF videos on the flotilla incident, all showing clues as to the violent intentions of the "peace activists," have garnered more than 3 million views. The Al-Jazeera clip, which omits any mention of "humanitarian" aggression and was online before the IDF's, trails the No. 1 IDF clip at about 700,000.

The IDF's YouTube channel was started during the Gaza War of 2008-2009 when it became clear that the IDF needed to counter claims of intentional civilian killings with something other than denials. The result was a different view of activities in Gaza— one of terrorists posing as civilians loading up rockets and other explosives into trucks in residential areas while Israeli forces eliminated them.

When the UN is against you, it's helpful to have YouTube on your side, where you can get your story out without filter.

Update: Folks who've watched this closer than I say precious time was lost in disseminating video at the very beginning of this crisis. It's nonetheless impressive that the IDF videos are leading in views despite the lag time. Had there been no lag time at all, they'd have been much better off from the beginning.

The top three IDF YouTube videos are below, along with the Al-Jazeera video for comparison are below the fold:

This video is audio of IDF commando communications as they are taking live fire from the flotilla passengers.

Al-Jazeera's version:

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