So the one part of government the Obama administrationwhich is spending unprecedented amounts on every domestic department of government—has decided to squeeze is the military. This is outrageous and pathetictaking money out of the already inadequate baseline defense budget to pay for a domestic spending spree.

This quote from
deputy defense secretary Bill Lynn sums it up: “Given the nation’s fiscal situation, there is an urgency to doing this, rather than shifting more of the nation’s resources toward national defense.” God forbid! Apparently, we can have domestic government spending “stimulus” packages in the tens and hundreds of billions, but, at a time of two wars and other looming threats, we can’t spend anything more—we have to spend lesson defense.

I’m sure Bob Gates and Bill Lynn tell themselves that by going along with this they’re preventing worse cuts, and that they’ll be able to minimize the damage these cuts do. But I think they know that what they’re being forced to do is both dangerous and wrong.

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