Today marks the launch of what will be an invaluable website for elected officials, candidates, journalists, and, really, all Americans:

Directed by noted health care expert (and frequent TWS contributor) James Capretta, the site provides one-stop shopping for anyone who wants daily updates on the current and anticipated effects of Obamacare, the facts and arguments about it, and new developments concerning it. As Capretta says, “The administration and its allies will spend millions trying to persuade [us] that up is down when it comes to health care. We have launched this web site to set the record straight. pulls together all of the best evidence and analysis about the legislation, as well as relevant news items and commentary, in an accessible and searchable format for anyone to use as they need to. Our aim is to provide Americans with the facts so that they can hold those who sponsored and passed ObamaCare accountable for what they have done.”

Go there, use it, and call it to the attention of all the candidates, commentators, activists, and citizens who would benefit from it.

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