The Foreign Policy Initiative will be hosting an event next week titled "U.S.-Russian Relations: Beset by Reset?" The event is timed to coincide with Russian President Dimitri Medvedev's visit to Washington. Speakers at the conference include Eric Edelman, Stephen Rademaker, David Kramer, with a keynote address from Senator Jim DeMint.

Here's the rundown:

As President Medvedev visits Washington and meets with President Obama, more than a year has passed since the Obama administration commenced a new policy of engagement with the Russian Federation. The administration's stated goal was to overcome strains that developed in relations with Moscow during the latter years of the Bush administration, and thus "reset" the countries' relationship. Unfortunately, while the United States has sought Russian cooperation on a variety of key policy issues, there are questions about the achievements of "reset." The Kremlin continues to pursue and advance its own interests in the international arena, at times undermining American interests. This event will examine the arms control, geopolitical, and human rights aspects of the "reset," and discuss the implications of current U.S. policy towards Russia.

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