Ugly stuff being spread around by Gresham Barrett's campaign co-chair:

The chairman of the Pickens County Republican Party circulated an e-mail to GOP activists and party elite Friday suggesting that South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley has lied about her religious beliefs.

Pickens County GOP Chair Phillip Bowers — a co-chairman of the rival Gresham Barrett campaign — says that Haley, a Christian who was born to Sikh immigrants, “can’t seem to make up her mind about her faith.”

And, no, it doesn't seem like Barrett's co-chair is going rogue. An aide to Barrett circulated one of those stories on Haley's religion to the press last week. As Ben Smith reported, a Barrett adviser told him: "They always thought that the rel[i]gion thing would be what would save Gresham in the end against Nikki."

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