John McCain leads his GOP primary challenger J.D. Hayworth 47% to 36% in a new Rasmussen poll. As RealClearPolitics notes, dropping below 50% is "a sign of vulnerability for the four-term senator and former presidential nominee. The entrance of Tea Party activist Jim Deakin brought both McCain and Hayworth down from last month."

But how much will yesterday's revelation that Hayworth starred in an infomercial telling viewers how to get "free" government money hurt him? Isn't watching Hayworth hawking "free money" grants kind of like watching a social conservative like Mike Huckabee selling pornography?

Maybe immigration will be a bigger factor in the end, but that video seems to strike at the heart of Hayworth's claims of being a small government conservative. We'll see how it plays out in a couple months. The primary is August 24.

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