The idiocy of the Department of Homeland Security--described in Daniel Halper's item below about Mosab Hassan Yousef--recalls an old joke. Yousef is a defector from Hamas, spiritually (he converted to Christianity) and politically (he turned anti-Hamas and informed on his old comrades to Israeli security). So DHS bureaucrats have decided he doesn't deserve asylum because his memoir proves that he has ties to Hamas.

The joke: The police show up at a Communist street protest and start cracking heads and dragging people to the paddy wagon. A man who had showed up to heckle the Communists gets caught up in the dragnet. As the policeman swings his bully club, the man protests--"Don't hit me, officer, I'm an anti-Communist."

"I don't care what kind of Communist you are," the policeman says.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is an anti-terrorist, but the DHS doesn't care what kind of terrorist he is.

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