The Department of Health and Human Services is spending your tax dollars to let you know that Obamacare is great for the elderly and will make Medicare even better!

No mention that Obamacare will cut hundreds of billions by slashing Medicare Advantage and through rationing. tears the ad to pieces:

Would the sheriff of Mayberry mislead you about Medicare? Alas, yes.

In a new TV spot from the Obama administration, actor Andy Griffith, famous for his 1960s portrayal of the top law enforcement official in the fictional town of Mayberry, N.C., touts benefits of the new health care law. Griffith tells his fellow senior citizens, "like always, we’ll have our guaranteed [Medicare] benefits." But the truth is that the new law is guaranteed to result in benefit cuts for one class of Medicare beneficiaries — those in private Medicare Advantage plans.

For shame, Mr. Griffith. For shame.

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