Will Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska be the only Democrat to vote against the confirmation of Elena Kagan? It looks increasingly likely as two other red state Democratic senators announced their support for Kagan yesterday. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas told Politico that she'll vote for Kagan, and Arkansas's other Democratic senator Mark Pryor said he'll do the same.

"I don't have a particular concern about her," Pryor told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. "I'm going to vote for her confirmation." The NRA opposes Kagan, but Pryor says he isn't concerned she'll vote to overturn recent Supreme Court decisions affirming that gun ownership is an individual right. "I think that she sees the fact that gun ownership is an individual right--I think she sees that as settled. She said that in committee," said Pryor. But he noted that any justice may be "very sincere today when they go through confirmation, but ten years from now, who knows how they'll be."

Also, although his spokesman said in May that Pryor would vote against a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" if the vote takes place before the Pentagon completes a review of the proposal, Pryor told TWS yesterday that he isn't sure how he'll vote on the underlying bill.

"Let's let the military professionals work through their process," said Pryor. "I'd hate to kind of short-circuit that with congressional action, so I'd rather let that occur before we start making policy here on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell.' But If you're asking me whether I would vote against the overall defense authorization just based on that one issue, I'm not prepared to say that today. I'd need to think about it."

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