Jewish money counter Rep. Mike McMahon (NY - 13) has come out against the proposed Ground Zero mosque, according to a statement released by his campaign:

I believe a new location is the right compromise so that Muslim Americans can worship without eliciting feelings that push us away from our Country's basic tenet of religious acceptance while the families of 9/11 victims obtain the peace of mind they deserve.

Steve Israel (NY - 2), also, opposes the Ground Zero mosque:

While they have a constitutional right to build the mosque, it would be better if they had demonstrated more sensitivity to the families of 9/11 victims. I urge them to do so before proceeding further.

Tim Bishop (NY - 1), also, opposes the Ground Zero mosque:

As a New Yorker, I believe Ground Zero is sacred ground and should unite us. If the group seeking to build the mosque is sincere in its efforts to bring people together, I would urge them to seek an alternative location which is less divisive. I dispute the wisdom of building at that location, not the constitutional right.

Maggie Haberman of Politico delivered the scoops here.

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