You knew it was inevitable that following the success of Avatar, there would be a pornographic film aiming to become the first in 3D. It's a competition as fierce as the race to the moon.

One of the pics is being made in Hong Kong (called 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy), another is taking place here in the United States (a Larry Flynt-produced spoof of Avatar), and a third is by Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass who is remaking his 1979 flick Caligula. The Chinese believe they will come through first, as reported by AFP.

But the significance in all this (as if my posts were only for the prurient!) is the recurring role of the adult entertainment industry in technological innovation. As Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star reminds us, "Despite the salacious subject matter, the truth is that the pornographic industry has often been early adopters of new film technology, such as VCRs, which eventually helped pushed them toward mainstream acceptance. That hasn’t changed with new digital tools, as the industry is often on [the] forefront of adopting new Internet technologies, like webcams and live-streaming."

But of course some of us already knew this thanks to Boogie Nights.

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