Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, has a new poll out showing Marco Rubio in the lead in a three way race versus independent Charlie Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek. Heading into today's primary, Meek is leading his Democratic primary opponent Jeff Greene by double digits--which is good news for Marco Rubio and bad news for Charlie Crist. PPP's Tom Jensen explains:

Democrats will get their stronger candidate if Kendrick Meek wins the Florida Senate primary tonight as expected- but the biggest winner coming out of the primary may be Marco Rubio. PPP finds he would begin the general election in the lead at 40%, followed by Charlie Crist at 32%, and Meek at 17%. If Jeff Greene were somehow able to pull off the upset tonight it would be much closer with Rubio at 37%, Crist at 36%, and Greene at only 13%.

Greene has been dogged by lurid stories about the parties on his private yacht. Assuming he doesn't pull off a big upset, Meek should presumably see a post-primary surge, which would further eat away at Charlie Crist's support.

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