Here's the transcript:

Dan Coats: I became Ambassador to Germany the day before 9/11. Germany was a crossroads in the War on Terror, 9/11 hijackers were members of a German-based cell.

I'll never forget visiting wounded American heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq at our military hospital. My opponent voted to close Guantanamo and move terrorists to the U.S. where they could have the same legal rights as Americans.

As your Senator, I'll fight the move. I'm Dan Coats and I approve this message.

Coats pretty much has the Indiana Senate race in the bag, but this strikes me as a smart ad, one that other candidates might want want to copy. Some Republicans seem to only want to talk about the economy, which should obviously be the focus of their messaging, but perhaps not their only message. There are wildly unpopular Democratic positions on foreign policy (constitutional rights for foreign terrorists) and social policy (taxpayer-funding of abortion) that Republicans could effectively highlight. In 2006, the Democrats hammered Republicans on Iraq first and foremost, but that didn't stop them from talking about stem-cells and corruption.

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